The component contains developer tools.

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Developer Tools component

This component contains additional developer tools for OXID eShop.


Run the following command to install the component:

composer require oxid-esales/developer-tools


Resetting project configuration

To reset project configuration to its initial state execute:

bin/oe-console oe:module:reset-configurations 

Resetting/installing shop database

To reset the database to its initial state run the following command:

bin/oe-console oe:database:reset --db-host DB-HOST --db-port DB-PORT --db-name DB-NAME --db-user DB-USER --db-password DB-PASSWORD [--force]


- <db-host> is the database host
- <db-port> is the database port
- <db-name> is the database name
- <db-user> is the database username
- <db-password> is the database password
- [<force>] (optional) if set runs the command without confirmation


bin/oe-console oe:database:reset --db-host=localhost --db-port=3306 --db-name=test --db-user=test --db-password=test 

ATTENTION: After running this command, all your data will be deleted from the database. Never run this command on life system.

Activating theme

To activate theme execute:

bin/oe-console oe:theme:activate THEME-ID

How to install component for development?

Checkout component besides OXID eShop source directory:

git clone https://github.com/OXID-eSales/developer-tools.git

Run composer install command:

cd developer-tools
composer install

Add dependency to OXID eShop composer.json file:

composer config repositories.oxid-esales/developer-tools path developer-tools
composer require --dev oxid-esales/developer-tools:*

How to run tests?

To run tests for the component please define OXID eShop bootstrap file:

vendor/bin/phpunit --bootstrap=../source/bootstrap.php tests/


See LICENSE file for license details.