Personal PHP-CS-Fixer Configuration

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Personal PHP-CS-Fixer wrapper & preset management.


composer require romanzipp/php-cs-fixer-config --dev

Notice: You also need to install the PHP-CS-Fixer package itself if you need a local installation with executable in you vendor/bin folder.


This package has been created to streamline configuration management for multiple projects and keeping PHP CS Fixer rules up to date.


return romanzipp\Fixer\Config::make()
        new romanzipp\Fixer\Presets\PrettyPHP()

Available Presets

You can easily create your own presets by extending the AbstractPreset class.

Overriding presets

In case you only need some tweaks for specific projects - which won't deserve an own preset - there are various methods you can make us of.

$config = romanzipp\Fixer\Config::make();

$config->allowRisky(true);                  // Allow risky rules.
$config->withRules(['...']);                // Set additional rules
$config->exclude(['...']);                  // Add single or many files to the list of excluded files.
$config->excludeDirectories(['...']);       // Add single or many directories to the list of excluded directories.

Access the config and finder instances

return romanzipp\Fixer\Config::make()
    // ...
    ->finderCallback(static function (PhpCsFixer\Finder $finder): void {
        // ...
    ->configCallback(static function (PhpCsFixer\Config $config): void {
        // ...
    // ...

PHPStorm Configuration


You will need to install PHP CS Fixer globally on your system because PHPStorm does not allow you to set the php-cs-fixer executable on a per-project basis or relative to the project path.

composer global require friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer

1. Enable Inspection

2. Select ruleset .php-cs-fixer.dist.php file [...]

Unfortunately you have to repeat this process for every project since there is a bug in PHPStorm which prevents users from using relative paths for the .php-cs-fixer.dist.php configuration or executable file.

Another theoretical approach to this issue is to create a unified ruleset file in your users .composer folder. This has the downside on only having one single ruleset.

3. Navigate to Quality Tools by clicking on the "PHP CS Fixer" link

4. Select PHP-CS-Fixer executable