Laravel 5.x helpers for a semi-automated robots.txt and meta tags

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Last update: 2024-06-29 04:09:29 UTC


Laravel 5 & 6 robots.txt helper with meta blade directive

An automatically generated robots.txt which automatically discourages indexing of folders, with additional meta tag blade directives for in page exclusions.


  1. Install via composer composer require owenmelbz/laravel-robots-txt

  2. Register the service provider - typically done inside the app.php providers array e.g OwenMelbz\RobotsTxt\RobotsTxtServiceProvider::class

  3. Add BLOCK_ROBOTS=true to your application environment config e.g .env

  4. Within your <head> area you can include the blade directive @robotsMeta to pull through a noindex, nofollow meta tag.


If you publish the package via php artisan vendor:publish --provider="OwenMelbz\RobotsTxt\RobotsTxtServiceProvider" you can use a custom robots.txt template file to include extra rules.