File cache implementation using PSR6

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PSR-6 Compilant File Cache

This is a basic PSR-6 implementation of cache using the filesystem


Install using composer

composer require overdesign/psr-cache


Basic example

use Overdesign\PsrCache\FileCacheDriver;

$cacheDir = __DIR__ . '/cache';

$cache = new FileCacheDriver($cacheDir);

$item = $cache->getItem('myItem');

if ($item->isHit()) {
    echo 'Item found in cache';
} else {
    $item->set('my data');
    $item->expiresAfter(120); // Expire in 2 min

Garbage collector

The drivers only deletes expired files when you try to recover them explicitly.

In order to clean the cache files you have three methods.

clear() Deletes all the items in the current pool

clearExpired() Deletes all the expired items in the pool

gc() Acts as a garbage collector

It's not recommended to call the gc() method within the normal user flow operation as it can be a high time consuming operation. The ideal option is to set a cron to call the gc() method.

You can pass various options to the method, see the phpdoc to know more about that options.