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The contao advanced form bundle adds a new form-field (Formpage) to forms that can be used for multipage-forms with conditions

Working with Contao 4.9 and up to Contao 4.13 (PHP ^7.4 and PHP 8)


  • Configurable formpage / pageswitch form-field with conditions for submitted values
  • A Guest mode to show specific form pages for guests only
  • Does not display form-pages when conditions are not met
  • Sends all collected data on specific form page
  • Compatible with all form-fields from contao

How to install the package

Install the package by using following command:

composer require oveleon/contao-advanced-form

After installing the contao-advanced-form-bundle, you should run a contao install to add the new fields.

How does contao advanced form work

Once the installation is complete, you will be able to use a new field type called "Formpage" within Contao Forms that does act as a divider for created form fields (i.e.: radio button menu, textarea, etc.).

The 'formpage' form-field acts as a page-switch and you will be redirected to it if the condition from previous submitted values is met.

Initial setup

  1. Set up your form as usual and create your form-fields

  2. Create 'formpage' fields between the form-fields that should be divided into pages

    Admin View: Advanced form overview

  3. Add a 'submit button label' into your form-page

  4. In case you want a button to get to your previous page, add a 'back button label' as well

Advanced setup for conditions

  1. Follow the initial setup mentioned above

  2. Create values that can be submitted (e.g. Radio button menu) above the form-page that should meet the condition

    Admin View: Advanced form overview

  3. Activate the "Add condition" checkbox and write your condition into it

    Admin View: Advanced form overview

Important Information

Creating Form Pages

  • The first form-page will always be divided by the first form-field and the first 'Formpage'-field.

  • Following form-pages are created by wrapping them with 'Formpage'-fields.

  • The last field in your form needs to be a 'Formpage'-field, otherwise it will show all form-fields (This is great to debug through your form).


Conditions within page-switches (Formpages) will always work for the


form-fields up to the next page-switch (Formpage)


 ${Field name of radio button menu} == '{Value of radio button menu}'

A radio button menu with a field name of 'Example1', and a submitted value of 'Option1' will jump to this page-switch (form-page).

 $Example1 == 'Option1'

You are able to set-up complex conditions to show a certain form-page. The following PHP functions can be used within the condition:

  • floatval
  • strval
  • intval
  • in_array
  • str_contains

If more functionality is needed, feel free to create a feature issue.


The submit-button and back-button are set up for the


form-page. They will work for the form-fields above the page-switch (Formpage).


Classes will always be set for the


form-page. They will work for the form-fields above the page-switch (Formpage).

Protecting and hiding form-pages

Using the option 'protect form page' and 'show to guests only', will always work for the


form-page. They will work for the form-fields above the page-switch (Formpage).


Option Description
Submit button label This field will add a submit button to your form-page that can be named (Next page)
Back button label This field will add a back button to your form-page that can be named (Previous page)
Add condition This checkbox will activate conditions. Your conditions can be written into the text-field
Protect form page Restricts the form page to certain member groups
Show to guests only Hides the form page if a member is logged in


We only provide support for bugs, and feature requests; please only post issues about these two topics.

If you need help implementing Contao Advanced Form or you are just starting out with Contao, please contact us on our website, visit the Contao Community or the Contao Slack, you will be able to find more help there.

This will help us to keep the issues related to this plugin and solve them faster.


This project is licensed under the AGPL-3.0 License — check LICENSE for more details.


If you find this plugin useful, please consider sponsoring us to help contribute to our time invested and to further development of this and other open source projects. Thank you for your support! - Oveleon.