Promare Gradients standardizes the use of neon colors on the web for backgrounds..

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Promare Gradients standardizes the use of neon colors for web backgrounds. It's a tiny stylesheet library that comes with over 25,000 different neon background combinations.

Neon colors have a high chroma. When they are contrasted they psychologically grab the users' attention1. It's no wonder why neon signs have been used for call to actions.

Quick start

Here are some ways to start your own dramatic neon colored web presence:

  • Download the latest release
  • Clone the repo: git clone https://github.com/Ouxsoft/promare-gradients.git
  • Install with npm: npm i @ouxsoft/promare-gradients
  • Install with Composer: composer require ouxsoft/promare-gradients


Neon Colors

Promare Gradients features sixteen (16) base colors that were carefully chosen to embody neon lights:

green, ufo, lime, red, orange, yellow, absinthe, chartreuse, pink, magenta, plastic, purple, proton, blue, cyan, and grayscale.

<div class=".bg-blue">
    Call to Action

Shades and Tones

Each neon color comes in a regular form, two shades (*-0, *-25), and two tints (*-75, *-100). These classes color backgrounds a solid neon color:

Regular Darkest Dark Light Lightest
.bg-green .bg-green-0 .bg-green-25 .bg-green-75 .bg-green-100
.bg-ufo .bg-ufo-0 .bg-ufo-25 .bg-ufo-75 .bg-ufo-100
.bg-lime .bg-lime-0 .bg-lime-25 .bg-lime-75 .bg-lime-100
.bg-red .bg-red-0 .bg-red-25 .bg-red-75 .bg-red-100
.bg-orange .bg-orange-0 .bg-orange-25 .bg-orange-75 .bg-orange-100
.bg-yellow .bg-yellow-0 .bg-yellow-25 .bg-yellow-75 .bg-yellow-100
.bg-absinthe .bg-absinthe-0 .bg-absinthe-25 .bg-absinthe-75 .bg-absinthe-100
.bg-chartreuse .bg-chartreuse-0 .bg-chartreuse-25 .bg-chartreuse-75 .bg-chartreuse-100
.bg-pink .bg-pink-0 .bg-pink-25 .bg-pink-75 .bg-pink-100
.bg-magenta .bg-magenta-0 .bg-magenta-25 .bg-magenta-75 .bg-magenta-100
.bg-plastic .bg-plastic-0 .bg-plastic-25 .bg-plastic-75 .bg-plastic-100
.bg-purple .bg-purple-0 .bg-purple-25 .bg-purple-75 .bg-purple-100
.bg-proton .bg-proton-0 .bg-proton-25 .bg-proton-75 .bg-proton-100
.bg-blue .bg-blue-0 .bg-blue-25 .bg-blue-75 .bg-blue-100
.bg-cyan .bg-cyan-0 .bg-cyan-25 .bg-cyan-75 .bg-cyan-100
.bg-grayscale .bg-grayscale-0 .bg-grayscale-25 .bg-grayscale-75 .bg-grayscale-100


Combine any two of the above shades and tones to add a neon background gradient to your web page.


<div class=".bg-blue-to-lime-75-nw">
    Blue to bright lime gradient moving in a top left direction
<div class=".bg-plastic-75-to-grayscale-0-se">
    Plastic purple to black moving in a bottom right direction
Direction of Gradient

The last suffix in the class defines the direction of the gradient. The below options are available:

Suffix Direction
*-nw Northwest
*-ne Northeast
*-sw Southeast
*-sw Southwest


Promare Gradients derives its name from the movie Promare which features rich neon gradient coloring and inspired this package.


  1. Bojko, A. (2013). Eye tracking the user experience: A practical guide to research. Rosenfeld.