Remote Asset Download Task

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v4.6.6 2021-02-03 03:06 UTC

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Downloads files from a remote server running SilverStripe

A task that downloads accessable files in assets/* from a target server

Usefull when you want to update assets onto a development environment, without having to do a full file snapshot. It's usefull for large websites.

Comparing the two file lists Downloading in progress


  • composer require otago/remote-asset-download
  • Create a user that can read & write assets you want to sync on the target machine. This user is also used to run the task in CLI mode on the local machine.
  • create your own yml app/_config/remoteassetssync.yml
  • update the app/_config/remoteassetssync.yml with your new user's username and password, like the one below
Name: RemoteAssetTask
  target: https://website.where.filescomefrom
  user: myuserwithfilepermissions@website.org
  password: mysecretpassword
    - assets/studenthub/
    - assets/staffhub/

The user must exist in SilverStripe, and have access to assets. you can restrict the user to specific files and folders in the SilverStripe CMS.

How to run it

Open up /dev/tasks/OP-RemoteAssetTask in your browser on the local machine.

You can also run it from the command line with

vendor/silverstripe/framework/sake dev/tasks/OP-RemoteAssetTask

How it works


When you load the task via HTTP on the local machine, an ajax poll will ask your local machine to send a graphql request to the target server. This will return a list of files in assets. This result will then be passed back to your local machine, which will then bulk download these files from the target server.


  • The task will stop when it starts running into files that have the same name & id.
  • if a file has a different file and the same id, it will be overwritten