OSF standardized exceptions

3.0.0 2018-02-26 14:34 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-01-21 20:38:19 UTC


The root OSF exceptions have a type corresponding to the underlying processing. In this way, they can be used explicitly to display errors, perform rollback processing, record debugging information, or issue alerts.

Exception types

  • ArchException: to report a technical malfunction
  • DisplayedException: displayed to the end user
  • DbException: used to perform databases rollbacks
  • PhpErrorException: PHP error handling
  • OsfException: root exception of OSF components
  • AlertException: launch a bootstrap alert (require osflab/view)
  • HttpException: generate an error with a specific HTTP code

These exceptions are used in OSF-based components and applications.


You need at least php 7.1 and composer:

sudo apt install composer

In your application via composer

This is the recommended way to use this feature in a non-osf project.

Just add osflab/exception in your composer.json file.

From github

To test the component or participate in its development.

git clone https://github.com/osflab/exception.git
cd exception && composer update

Unit tests launch: