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Glovo Business API PHP Integration

v0.20.4 2020-04-26 00:17 UTC

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Last update: 2021-06-26 03:14:11 UTC


Create, retrieve and track your Glovo orders trough their Business API.


PHP 7.2 and later.

Install Package Via Composer

$ composer require osenco/glovo

To use the Glovo API in your project, use Composer's autoload:



The bindings require the following extensions in order to work properly:

  • curl, although you can use your own non-cURL client if you prefer
  • json
  • mbstring (Multibyte String)

If you use Composer, these dependencies should be handled automatically. If you install manually, you'll want to make sure that these extensions are available.

Getting Started

Create an account in Glovo (it can be created from the App). This api needs a credit card associated to your account. You can add one from your app and it will be used automatically for any order. In order to get your API credentials you should login in the desired environment and go to Credentials section on your profile.

Example ApiKey & ApiSecret:

$apiKey = '125238463972712';
$apiSecret = '081f8c9680d457a088b4413a62ddf84c';

Sample usage might look smething like this:


include 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Osen\Glovo\Service;
use Osen\Glovo\Exception;
use Osen\Glovo\Models\Order;
use Osen\Glovo\Models\Address;

// get credentials on https://business.glovoapp.com/dashboard/profile or https://business.testglovo.com/dashboard/profile
$api = new Service( $apiKey, $apiSecret);
$api->sandbox_mode( true );

$source = new Address( Address::TYPE_PICKUP, -34.919861, -57.919027, "Diag. 73 1234", "1st floor" );
$destination = new Address( Address::TYPE_DELIVERY, -34.922945, -57.990177, "Diag. 73 75", "3A");

$order = new Order();
$order->setDescription( "1 big hammer" );
$order->setAddresses( [$source, $destination] );
//$order->setScheduleTime( ( new \DateTime( '+1 hour' ) )->setTime( 19, 0 ) );

try {
    $orderEstimate = $api->estimateOrderPrice( $order );
    echo "Estimate: {$orderEstimate['total']['amount']}{$orderEstimate['total']['currency']} \n";
} catch(Exception $e){
    echo $e->getMessage();

try {
    $orderInfo = $api->createOrder( $order );
    echo "Order created, ID: {$orderInfo['id']}, state: {$orderInfo['state']} \n";
} catch(Exception $e){
    echo $e->getMessage();

See full example in example.php

Update Certificates

In order to update the CA Root certificates you can run:

$ chmod +x ./update_certs.php
$ ./update_certs.php


You can read [the Glovo B2B API docs][https://api-docs.glovoapp.com/b2b/index.html#introduction].