A simple php and laravel flash alert package.

v1.3 2020-04-10 20:28 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-07-03 21:41:39 UTC


this package gives you a simple way to manage alerts into your laravel project. It also works with any php project.


Include the package in your project using composer.

composer require orus/flash

If you're using a version of laravel prior to 5.5 you need you to include te service provider and the alias in your config/app.php.

"providers"  =>  [

"aliases"  =>  [
  "Flash"  =>  Orus\Flash\Facades\Flash::class


Before performing your redirect, you can call the flash() helper function.

Route::post("/login", function() {
  flash("welcome in the matrix");
  return redirect("/profile");

You can specify the alert type by using the fluent api it offers.

flash(); // Flash object.
flash()->default("message") // A default flash alert
flash()->danger("message") // A danger flash alert
flash()->warning("message") // A warning flash alert
flash()->info("message") // An info flash alert
flash()->success("message") // A success flash alert
flash()->default("message")->title("Default") // Set the alert title
flash()->danger("message")->important() // Set the alert as important
flash()->info("message")->options(["key"] => "value") // Add options to the alert
flash("message")->success(); // Or define your message and set the type.
flash()->info("message")->success("message"); // You can chain multiple alerts.

It also gives you the ability to set multiple flash alerts.

Route::post("/login", function() {
  flash("welcome in the matrix")->default();
  flash("May the code be with you!")->info();
  return redirect("/profile");

Then you can get a collection of the alerts in your views.

{{ flash()->all() }}