Easy way to integrate piwik ( analysis into a Zend-Framework Project

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Piwik-Integration for ZendFramework2

This module integrates the piwik-tracking-code into all WebViews of your ZF2-Site


Piwik is best installed via composer. Include the following line into the require-section of your composer.json-File:

"org_heigl/piwik" : "1.0.*"


  1. Add the module to the modules-list of your applications application.config.php-File.
  2. Copy this modules module.config.php-File to your applications ```config/autoload``-directory and edit it according to your piwik-settings.
  3. There is no third step!


The configuration consists of two parameters:

return array(
    'orgHeiglPiwik' => array(

        // Always omit a trailing slash!
        'server' => '',
        'site_id' => 1,
  • server is the server your piwik installation is running at. Omit a trailing slash as well as a scheme (http:// or https://). If you have installed piwik in a subdirectory you will have to include that here as well. So it would read when you have installed your piwik-instance in the subdirectory piwik on the server
  • site_id is the ID of the site you want to track as configured in your piwik-installation.


Feel free to provide feedback by opening issues or pull-requests or by contacting me directly at piwik (AT) heigl (DOT) org


This module is licensed according to the LICENSE-Document.