Convert HTML for usage in PDFlib

2.0.1 2021-05-19 12:03 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-19 18:47:53 UTC


An extendable library to convert HTML-Content to text usable with textflows of PDFlib


Install the package via composer like this:

composer require org_heigl/html-to-pdflib


In your PHP-Code you can use the package like this:

$converter = new Converter();
$pdflibtext = $converter->convert($htmlcontent);

// $pdflibtext now contains calls to macros.
// The macros themselves need to be prepend to the text though!!
$pdflibtext = '<macro {
    bold {fontname=Helvetica fontsize=12 encoding=winansi}
    bolditalic {fontname=Helvetica fontsize=8 encoding=winansi}
    italic {fontname=Helvetica fontsize=8 encoding=winansi}
}>' . $pdflibtext;

Alternatively – to get full flexibility – you can create the Converter with your own ConverterList like this:

use Org_Heigl\HtmlToPdflib\Converter;
use Org_Heigl\HtmlToPdflib\ConverterList;
use Org_Heigl\HtmlToPdflib\Converter\Em;
use Org_Heigl\HtmlToPdflib\Converter\Li;
use Org_Heigl\HtmlToPdflib\Converter\Ol;
use Org_Heigl\HtmlToPdflib\Converter\P;
use Org_Heigl\HtmlToPdflib\Converter\Strong;
use Org_Heigl\HtmlToPdflib\Converter\Ul;
use Org_Heigl\HtmlToPdflib\Factory;

$converter = new Converter(Factory::fromConverterList(ConverterList::createViaReflection([
    'em' => Em::class,
    'li' => Li::class,
    'ol' => Ol::class,
    'p' => P::class,
    'strong' => Strong::class,
    'ul' => Ul::class,

This allows you to also add your own Converter-implementations as long as they implement the ConvertertInterface.

Currently the following macros are defined:

  • bold
  • bolditalic
  • italic

The following HTML-Tags are currently supported:

  • em
  • li
  • ol
  • p
  • strong
  • ul

Further Tags can be added. Feel free to fork this repository and open a PullRequest for further tags.


Contributions are welcome!


This package is licensed unter the MIT-License.