Generate a filtered filelist from one or more folders

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This library allows to iterate through a number of folders and filter the list of files. The files are returned in a filelist-object.


Org_Heigl\FileFinder is installed via composer. Call composer require org_heigl/filefinder from the commandline in your project.

Alternatively you can include the following line in your composer.json inside the require-section:

"org_heigl/filefinder" : "stable"


Simplest usage would be to add a filter to the FileFinder as well as a directory.

$finder = new \Org_Heigl\FileFinder\FileFinder();
$finder->addFilter(new \Org_Heigl\FileFinder\Filter\FileExtension('jpg'));
$list = $finder->find();
// $list will be an \Org_Heigl\FileFinder\FileList-Object containing all Files with the extension 'jpg' inside ```$dir```

You can also set your own FileList-Object as long as it implements \Org_Heigl\FileFinder\FileListInterface. That would then look like this:

$finder = new \Org_Heigl\FileFinder\FileFinder();
$finder->addFilter(new \Org_Heigl\FileFinder\Filter\FileExtension('jpg'));
$finder->setFileList(new MyPrettyFileList())
$list = $finder->find();
// $list will be the MyPrettyFileList-Object containing all Files with the extension 'jpg' inside ```$dir```

You can also get a mapping of classname to filename for all classes implementing \Iterator underneath the directory $dir using this snippet:

$finder = new \Org_Heigl\FileFinder\FileFinder();
$finder->addFilter(new \Org_Heigl\FileFinder\Filter\FileExtension('php'));
$finder->addFilter(new \Org_Heigl\FileFinder\Filter\ClassIsInstanceof('\Iterator'));
$finder->setFileList(new \Org_Heigl\FileFinder\ClassMapList());
$list = $finder->find();
// $list now contains the classname as key and the filepath as value

The directories added with the FileList::addDirectory()-method will be recursively checked.

The filters have to implement \Org_Heigl\FileFinder\FilterInterface. Therefore you can add your own filters very easily.

The default FileList-implementation also contains a sort-method that allows sorting the filelist before using it. Just provide an implementation of the SortInterface as argument like this:

$finder = new \Org_Heigl\FileFinder\FileFinder();
$list = $finder->find();
$list->sort(new \Org_Heigl\FileFinder\Sorter\MTime());
// $list now is sorted by MTime ascending.


Currently the library contains the following filters:

  • FileExtension - A filter to check whether the files extension is one of a given number of extensions. The list of extensions if given to the constructor like so: new FileExtension(array('foo', 'bar')).
  • FileStart - A filter that checks whether the files content starts with the given string. You could use it like this: new FileStart('<?php') to check for a PHP-file.
  • ClassIsInstanceOf - A filter to check whether the file contains a class that implements at least one of the looked for Interfaces. The interfaces can be given like this: new ClassIsInstanceOf(['InterfaceOne','\Org_Heigl\FileFinder\FilterInterface']);.
  • DateCompare - A filter that compares the files create-, modification- or alter-date with the given date. Comparison can be either before, after or equals. So it can be invoked like this: new DateCompare(new DateTime(), DateCompare::MTIME, DateCompare::CHECK_BEFORE);. That will include files whose content has been altered before the current date (which schould include everything(-; )
  • FileSize - Find files with a filesize within the given range: It can be used like this: new FileSize('1kb', '2gb'); which will find files between 1kB and 2GB in size.
  • HoldsSinglePHPClass - Find files that old only one class. Files with more than one class will be ommited.
  • MimeType - Find files of a certain mime-Type. You can use it like this: $finfo = new \Org_Heigl\FileFinder\Service\FinfoWrapper(); $filter = new MimeType($finfo, 'application/pdf'); That will find all PDF-files. This filter requires a FinfoWrapper-Object as first object that will handle the actual mime-type detection.
  • Not - Negate the contained filters.
  • OrList - Holds a number of filters where only one needs to match to include the file in the list.


This library is licensed under the MIT-License as found in the LICENSE-File.


You have an issue? Use the Issuetracker to report it and we'll see for it.


Contributions are always welcome. Fork the repo, do whatever you like and open a pull request!