Remove messages from the error log that are from a certain folder

0.2.0 2023-11-22 21:17 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-26 21:47:22 UTC


A package to stay focused on relevant entries in your error-log


This package allows you to declare folders that are not under your development and that you have therefore no way of fixing errors in. Errors or Warnings or notices that are raised within those declared folders will not be logged to your error-log any more tso that you can concentrate on the tasks that you can actually fix and don't have your error log fill up with stuff that others broke.


The base installation is done via composer

$ composer require org_heigl/error_focus

After that you will have to set up the package in your bootstrap file.

    __DIR__ . '/../vendor',

That's it. Now every message from a file within your vendor-folder will not hit your error-log any more.

You can add more than one folder to this configuration.

CAVEAT: This will set an error-handler. If you need to set another error handler afterwards you will overwrite this one!

In that case you might want to use this slightly different setup:

    __DIR__ . '/../vendor',
], [
    [$myErrorHandlerInstance, 'myErrorHandlerMethod'],
    [MyStaticErrorHandler::class, 'myStaticErrorHandlerMethod'],


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