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This package will create a development structure and install all tools necessarry for easy development

During installation this package will create a complete folderstructure so that you can start coding right away.

The structure contains the following:

  • build - contains all your build artifacts
  • src - contains the sourcecode of your project
  • doc - contains the documentation of your project
  • doc/api - contains the output of phpDocumentor
  • doc/coverage - contains the code-coverage-report
  • vendor - contains all the additional libraries that you imported
  • dist - contains the distribution-files of your project
  • tests - containing your test-files


Create your ' soon to be a project'-folder

mkdir MyNewProjectFolder

Move into your newly created project folder

cd MyNewProjectFolder

Create a composer.json-file in your newly created project-folder

Either install it by cloning the example-file into your project-folder

curl -o composer.json
# OR
wget > composer.json

Or you create the file with your favourite text-editor. Insert at least the following content

    "require-dev" : {
        "org_heigl/devpackages" : "dev-master"
    "minimum-stability": "dev",
    "config" : {
        "bin-dir" : "bin"

You can use the file example.composer.json as template.

Install composer

curl -sS | php

Run composer

php composer.phar install

Use your complete development infrastructure

Including all of the above tools including cool phing tasks that make your live easier