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An early alpha version of Laravel based CMS system

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0.1 2013-12-04 08:58 UTC


Dev Instructions:

  • Checkout to /workbench/orangehill/photon
  • Add these lines to list of providers in app.php config file:

  • run composer update from /workbench/orangehill/photon to update dependencies

  • run php artisan asset:publish --bench="orangehill/photon" from project root to publish the assets

Installing a package

1) Edit your project's composer.json file to require orangehill/photon.

"require": {
    "laravel/framework": "4.0.*",
    "orangehill/photon": "dev-master"

2) Update Composer from the CLI:

composer update

3) Run php artisan asset:publish orangehill/photon in CLI from project root

4) Run php artisan config:publish orangehill/photon in CLI from project root

5) Add the service provider by opening a app/config/app.php file, and adding these items to the providers array: