A Laravel Nova field.

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This Laravel Nova package allows you to manage multiple localisations of a model.


Detail View

Form View

Index View


Install the package in a Laravel Nova project via Composer:

composer require optimistdigital/nova-locale-field


Preparing the models and database

This field requires a few database changes - namely, the model requires two new columns: one for the locale and one to reference the locale parent model.

You can set the column names to anything you want. The column names are passed to the field when creating it.

Column Suggested name Type (MySQL / Eloquent) Nullable Example value Description
Locale locale VARCHAR / string NO en_US A text column for the locale, maximum size depends on which types of locales you use (ie en vs en_US).
Locale parent ID locale_parent_id BIGINT / bigInteger YES 1 A locale parent reference column (foreign key, though the actual foreign key is optional)

Example migration:

Schema::table('some_model_table', function ($table) {

    // Optionally, add a foreign key

Creating the field

This field has slightly different constructor (::make()) arguments than other Nova fields.

# Argument Type Description
1 $name string Display name of the field, visible to the user as the column title in the index field and as the name of the locale selection field.
2 $localeAttribute string The attribute (column) name of the locale value.
3 $localeParentAttribute string The attribute (column) name for the locale parent id.
use OptimistDigital\NovaLocaleField\LocaleField;

LocaleField::make('Locale', 'locale', 'locale_parent_id')
    ->locales(['en' => 'English', 'et' => 'Estonian']) // Optional when you've set a default
    ->maxLocalesOnIndex(4) // Optional, defaults to 4


Possible options you can pass to the field using the option name as a function, ie ->maxLocalesOnIndex(4).

Option Type Default Description
locales array [] Locales in an array as key-value pairs (['id' => 'value']).
maxLocalesOnIndex int 4 The amount of locales shown on the index view. If this is exceeded, the locales are only visible on the detail view.


Config file

You can publish the config file and edit the default values (besides locales) there.

To publish the configuration file, run the following artisan publish command:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="OptimistDigital\NovaLocaleField\FieldServiceProvider" --tag="config"

Default locales

The default locales can be defined in the config file via a closure or an array.

This default value can be overriden on a per-field basis using the ->locales([]) function directly on the field.


The package also provides a select type filter for the locales.

Using the locale filter

To use the locale filter, just add it to the array your resources' filters() function returns. Pass in the name of the locale field as the only argument in the constructor or the static make function.

You can also override the default displayed locale options by calling ->locales([]) on the filter. This is optional and the filter will use the default locales when not set.

use \OptimistDigital\NovaLocaleField\Filters\LocaleFilter;

public function filters(Request $request)
        return [
                ->locales(NovaEcommerce::getLocales()), // <- Optional

            // OR

            new LocaleFilter('locale'),



This project is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.