This Laravel package adds a BatchSearchable trait to allow batching Scout updates.

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This Laravel package allows for batching of Scout updates.


  • Laravel Scout 9+
  • Scheduler with cron


This package provides a new trait BatchSearchable that should be used instead of the regular Searchable trait provided by Laravel Scout.

Using that trait, all updates pushed through Scout to the search server (whether it be MeiliSearch, Algolia or whatever else), are batched together instead of being sent one-by-one.

The updates are sent on two possible conditions:

Either scout.batch_searchable_max_batch_size (default 250) is exeeded


scout.batch_searchable_debounce_time_in_min (default 1) minutes have passed from the last update to the pending queue

The IDs of models that require updating are stored in the default cache layer using the Cache helper.

The debounce check uses Laravel's Scheduler to schedule a job that checks through all the pending update queues and sees if the required time has passed. This requires that the system has a working cron setup that calls schedule:run every minute.


Install the package in a Laravel Nova project via Composer and run migrations:

composer require outl1ne/laravel-scout-batch-searchable


Where you previously used the Searchable trait, just use BatchSearchable instead:

use Outl1ne\ScoutBatchSearchable\BatchSearchable;

class SomeModel extends Model {
    use BatchSearchable;



Laravel Scout Batch Searchable is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.