Validators for Flow

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v1.1.0 2020-02-04 10:19 UTC

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Last update: 2020-05-04 10:51:17 UTC


This package provides some validators to be used in a Flow based project.

Included validators

  • Domain-Names
  • Geocodes (Latitude + Longitude pairs)


to be written...


This package's code is heavily inspired by code I wrote years ago for the Roketi Cluster Hosting Management application. Thanks to open-source, this code can now live on - while Roketi in the planned form will probably never come to fly.

Thanks to the inspiration from the phenaproxima/domain-constraint package, the domain name validator now also checks against the list of allowed top-level domains defined by IANA.

Thanks to my employer internezzo ag some parts of the packages could be done as paid working time + shared as open-source.

How to contribute?

Feel free to file new issues if you find a problem or to propose a new feature. If you want to contribute your time and submit an improvement, I'm very eager to look at your pull request!

In case you want to discuss a new feature with me, just send me an e-mail.


Here could be YOUR name :-)


Licensed under the permissive MIT license - have fun with it!

Can I use it in commercial projects?

Yes, please! And if you save some of your precious time with it, I'd be very happy if you give something back - be it a warm "Thank you" by mail, spending me a drink at a conference, send me a post card or some other surprise :-)