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Oro Platform Serialized Fields

2.5.1 2017-12-31 10:05 UTC


This document contains a little introduction into "Oro Entity Serialized Fields" package, information on how to download and install.

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ORO Platform provides ability to have custom entities or extend entities with new custom fields.

The package allows to avoid schema update when you create custom field. Although this field come with some restrictions.

Such fields data stores in serialized_data column as serialized array. Field serialized_data is hidden from UI in entity config page.

Not supported features:

  • grid filtering and sorting
  • segments and reports
  • charts
  • search
  • relations, enums and option set field types
  • data audit
  • usage of such fields in Doctrine query builder

After installation (described below) a new field called Storage Type appears within New field creation page where you will be offered to choose between two storage types:

  • Table Column option will allow to create custom field as usual;
  • Serialized field option means that you can avoid schema update and start to use this field imediately, but should take into account, that field types are limited in this case to:
    • string
    • integer
    • smallint
    • bigint
    • boolean
    • decimal
    • date
    • datetime
    • text
    • float
    • money
    • percent

To create a serialized field via migration the SerializedFieldsExtension can be used. Here is an example:


namespace Acme\Bundle\AppBundle\Migrations\Schema\v1_1;

use Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\Schema;

use Oro\Bundle\EntityExtendBundle\EntityConfig\ExtendScope;
use Oro\Bundle\EntitySerializedFieldsBundle\Migration\Extension\SerializedFieldsExtension;
use Oro\Bundle\EntitySerializedFieldsBundle\Migration\Extension\SerializedFieldsExtensionAwareInterface;
use Oro\Bundle\MigrationBundle\Migration\Migration;
use Oro\Bundle\MigrationBundle\Migration\QueryBag;

class AddSerializedFieldMigration implements
    /** @var SerializedFieldsExtension */
    protected $serializedFieldsExtension;

     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function setSerializedFieldsExtension(SerializedFieldsExtension $serializedFieldsExtension)
        $this->serializedFieldsExtension = $serializedFieldsExtension;

     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function up(Schema $schema, QueryBag $queries)
                'extend'    => [
                    'owner' => ExtendScope::OWNER_CUSTOM,


OroEntitySerializedFieldsBundle requires OROPlatform(BAP) and PHP 7.0 or above.


Package is available through Oro Package Manager. For development purposes it might be cloned from github repository directly.

git clone git@github.com:orocrm/OroEntitySerializedFieldsBundle.git
git submodule init
git submodule update

Update your composer.json with

   "autoload": {
        "psr-0": {
            "Oro\\Bundle": ["src/Oro/src", "src/OroPackages/src"],
php composer.phar update
php app/console oro:platform:update --force

Run unit tests

To run unit tests for this package:

phpunit -c PACKAGE_ROOT/phpunit.xml.dist