PHP 5.4 compatible fork of HTML_QuickForm

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v3.4.1 2023-04-20 08:24 UTC


Forward compatible fork of HTML_QuickForm

This package is intended mainly as a drop-in replacement for existing installations of HTML_Quickform. See for documentation.

The main differences to the original package are:

  • Compatible with PHP 5.4 and newer: It will run without producing warnings or deprecated notices
  • No PEAR dependencies: HTML_Common is replaced by a bundled version, and PEAR_Errors are replaced by exceptions
  • Support for Composer autoloading: All include statements have been removed in favor of classmap autoloading
  • Upon popular request, HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless has been included and is available out of the box (PHP only, you need to supply your own stylesheet)

API Compatibility

  • Some calls are listed in the PEAR documentation as static, but making them statically callable without warnings would require significant rewrites and might break other use cases. So if you get errors about assuming $this from an incompatible context, just change your calls to nonstatic ones.

  • HTML_QuickForm_Renderer::renderHidden has a slightly changed signature and takes three arguments now: &$element, $required, $error, exactly like HTML_QuickForm_Renderer::renderElement. This means it is now possible to render validation errors on hidden fields, which is useful for example for CSRF fields. Custom renderer implementations need to add the two arguments to the method's signature, but actual implementations do not need to be changed.