OpenMagazine bundle for eZ Publish

dev-master 2013-06-29 18:01 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-29 03:06:36 UTC


eZPublish 5 OpenMagazine bundle


  • eZ Publish 5.0+
  • eZ Publish Legacy Stack with legacy eZ OpenMagazine 1.1+ installed and configured

Installation steps

Use Composer

Add the following to your composer.json and run php composer.phar update to refresh dependencies:

"require": {
    "opencontent/openmagazinebundle": "dev-master"

Activate the bundle

Activate the bundle in ezpublish\EzPublishKernel.php file.

use OpenContent\OpenMagazineBundle\OpenContentOpenMagazineBundle;


public function registerBundles()
   $bundles = array(
       new FrameworkBundle(),
       new OpenContentOpenMagazineBundle(),


Clear eZ Publish 5 caches.

php ezpublish/console cache:clear