A suite of classes to make WordPress theme development cleaner

v1.0.20 2021-09-08 21:26 UTC



A suite of utilities to aide in the development of WordPress themes and make the experience less painful.

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The purpose of this package is to enable developers to use the familiar model-view-controller pattern in the creation of WordPress themes. This is accomplished by keeping HTML and PHP code as seperated as possible and adding convenient methods to organize data before it’s sent to the view controllers. Querying for posts, rendering menus, handling taxonomies and all the other essential parts of developing a WordPress theme are now easier than ever with better-wordpess.

Quick Start

Inside of your site's wp-content/themes folder, run the following command to create a new better-wordpress project.

composer create-project open-function-computers-llc/wp-theme <theme-name>

Next, enter your new theme's folder and run npm install to get dependencies.

cd <theme-name>
npm install

And that's it! Read about advanced installations and asset bundling on the docs.

Example Projects

  • Shirt Store – Demonstrates custom post types, taxonomies, handlebars, and more.



Licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE