Provides new Sculpin commands for generating new content

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Last update: 2024-06-21 00:57:56 UTC


Sculpin Content Generator Bundle

Adds additional console commands to automate the creation of new content.



Add add the bundle into your sculpin.json or composer.json file.

"require": {
    "opdavies/sculpin-content-generator-bundle": "^1.0"

Install it by running sculpin install or composer install.


Now you can register the bundle within the SculpinKernel class. If you don’t have on, create one at app/config/SculpinKernel.php.

use Sculpin\Bundle\SculpinBundle\HttpKernel\AbstractKernel;

 * Class SculpinKernel
class SculpinKernel extends AbstractKernel
     * {@inheritdoc}
    protected function getAdditionalSculpinBundles()
        return [


With the bundle enabled, you can now see the additional commands by run the sculpin command. Currently, only content:new:post is added, which generates posts.

The next step for is to allow for the bundle to be extended and to allow for customised templates, and also the ability to add commands for other content types - or ideally load them automatically from sculpin_content_types.


The available options are:


The title of the post. This will be populated when the template is generated.

If empty, you will be required to enter a title interactively when executing the content:new:post command.


The name of the file to generate.


The file extension to use.

If empty, you will be required to enter a title interactively. A default filename will be provided based on the provided title and the current date.


Oliver Davies - PHP Developer and Linux System Administrator.