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DoYouBuzz strategy for Opauth

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Last update: 2021-11-22 17:29:07 UTC


Opauth strategy for DoYouBuzz authentification

Implemented based on http://doc.doyoubuzz.com/dyb/oauth

Getting started

cd path_to_opauth/Strategy
git clone https://github.com/rockshappy/opauth-doyoubuzz.git DoYouBuzz

Strategy configuration

Required parameters:

'OAuth' => array(
	'consumer_key' => 'YOUR CONSUMER KEY',
	'consumer_secret' => 'YOUR CONSUMER SECRET',

	'request_token_url' => 'http://OAUTH_SERVER/oauth/request_token',
	'access_token_url' => 'http://OAUTH_SERVER/oauth/access_token'

See OAuth.php for optional parameters.


tmhOAuth requires hash_hmac and cURL.
hash_hmac is available on PHP 5 >= 5.1.2.



Opauth-OAuth is MIT Licensed
Copyright © 2012 U-Zyn Chua (http://uzyn.com)

tmhOAuth is Apache 2 licensed.