Bitbucket strategy for Opauth

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Opauth strategy for Bitbucket authentication.

Implemented based on https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/BITBUCKET/oauth+Endpoint using OAuth.

Opauth is a multi-provider authentication framework for PHP.

Getting started

  1. Install Opauth-Google:

    cd path_to_opauth/Strategy
    git clone git://github.com/fancyguy/opauth-bitbucket.git Bitbucket
  2. Create a Bitbucket integrated application under account then Integrated applications

    • Click on create consumer and enter your application name.
    • Description and URL are optional.
  3. Configure Opauth-Bitbucket strategy.

  4. Direct user to http://path_to_opauth/bitbucket to authenticate

Strategy configuration

Required parameters:

'Bitbucket' => array(
	'key' => 'YOUR CONSUMER KEY',


Opauth-Bitbucket is MIT Licensed
Copyright © 2012 FancyGuy Technologies (http://www.fancyguy.com)