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A simple to use command line interface framework.

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v1.0.6 2019-04-24 08:58 UTC

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A small and simple to use command line interface application.


To install the CLI framework just run the following composer command;

composer create-project onemustcode/cli my_project --prefer-dist

Create new commands

To add a new command execute the following command;

php console create:command my-command MyCommand

The first parameter is the name of the command that you will run;

php console my-command

The second parameter is the class name.

Create providers

Providers are used to register dependencies (see Service Container) or just to load custom things.

To create a custom provider use the following command;

php console create:provider MyCustomProvider

When the provider is created you will need to register it in the config.php at the providers section.

Service container

A service container is available to perform dependency injection. To use this, first create a custom provider and register it at the providers section in the config.php;

php console create:provider MyCustomProvider

In the created provider there is a load method. In this load method you can bind your dependencies like so;

public function load(): void
    // Interface binding
    $myCustom = MyCustom::create();
    $this->app->bind(MyCustomInterface::class, $myCustom);
    // Or initiate a class with custom parameters
    $this->app->bind(MyClass::class, function () {
        return new MyClass([
            'some' => 'custom',
            'params' => [1, 2, 3],


The CLI framework is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.