YAML driver for Doctrine

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olvlvl/doctrine-yaml-driver provides YAML drivers Doctrine.

doctrine/mongodb-odm doesn't provide YAML drivers anymore. If like me you're totally allergic to XML, you'll be happy to find the drivers in this package.

Disclaimer: The code if mostly copy/pasted, I only added some type hints here and there. Also, only MongoDB *documents are currently supported.


The package requires PHP 7.2 or later.


The recommended way to install this package is through Composer:

$ composer require olvlvl/doctrine-yaml-driver


A container is available for local development. Enter the command make test-container to start the container and open a shell. The command make test runs the test suite. Alternatively the command make test-coverage runs the test suite and also creates an HTML coverage report in build/coverage. Dependencies are installed as required.

The package is continuously tested by Travis CI.

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olvlvl/doctrine-yaml-driver is licensed under the New BSD License - See the LICENSE file for details.