Content element for adding FluidTemplates e.g. as CTAs, conversions …

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TYPO3 Extension

This extension for TYPO3 v11.5 & v12.x allows the output of FluidTemplates. All files in a folder to be configured and in the first subfolder can be selected as FluidTemplate by the editor.


Composer Installation

composer require oliverthiele/ot-cefluidtemplates

Don't forget to add the TypoScript in your root template.


In the backend module "Settings -> Extension Configuration" the path to the templates can be adjusted. It would make sense to adjust to something like "EXT:my_sitepackage/Resources/Private/Conversions/Templates/".

The new directory must also be changed in TypoScript:

tt_content {
    ot_cefluidtemplates {
        templateRootPaths {
            10 = EXT:my_sitepackage/Resources/Private/Conversions/Templates/

        partialRootPaths {
            10 = EXT:my_sitepackage/Resources/Private/Conversions/Partials/

        layoutRootPaths {
            10 = EXT:my_sitepackage/Resources/Private/Conversions/Layouts/