A collection of custom scalar types for usage with https://github.com/webonyx/graphql-php

v0.2.2 2021-02-02 06:45 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-29 05:08:46 UTC


A collection of custom scalar types for usage with Lighthouse.


composer require olivernybroe/lighthouse-math-scalars


You can use the provided scalars just like any other type in your schema definition.
The scalars are automatically registered in Lighthouse.

type Battle {
  id: ID!
  attacker: User!
  defender: User!
  gold_stolen_ratio: Percentage!
  gold_stolen: BigInteger!



This scalar represents an integer with a size up to 2^63 whereas the built-in Int type is limited to 2^31. The value is represented as an integer, not a string when returned.


This scalar represents an integer with unlimited size. It is always returning the value as a string.
BigInteger will always return an integer, but is limited to 2^63, however BigIntegerString is great for the cases where bigger values than that is required.


This scalar represents an integer which is bigger than the built-in Int type.
The built-in type is limited to 2^31, however this type has unlimited size as it can use strings to represent it.

It will return the result from you query as an integer, as long as your integer is smaller than 2^63. If your integer is bigger than that, it will be returned as a string instead.


Converts an integer value to a percentage.

Normally many of us stores percentages as an integer value and divide it by 100 to get it as a percentage.
This Scalar will do this conversion for you. If used as an input type, it will do the same conversion.

This scalar is useful for quickly identify for the users of your API, that the type is a percentage.


A set of casts which can be used in a Laravel model to cast attributes.

BigInteger (OliverNybroe\LighthouseMathScalars\Casts\BigInteger)

When dealing with integers of bigger than 2^63, a class is needed for doing all the mathematical calculations.
For doing that, this package relies on \Brick\Math\BigInteger underneath.
This cast will cast a value into the BigInteger class for you.

use OliverNybroe\LighthouseMathScalars\Casts\BigInteger as BigIntegerCast;
use Brick\Math\BigInteger;
use Illuminate\Foundation\Auth\User as Authenticatable;

 * @property BigInteger $gold
class User extends Authenticatable
    protected $casts = [
        'gold' => BigIntegerCast::class,