Help moving your Azure Blob files to Amazon S3 buckets

v1.0.0 2014-08-11 21:05 UTC


Transfer your Azure Blobs to Amazon S3

How to use

Open the config.php and change the value of the variables to match your accounts configuration, like:

  • Azure Storage Name ($azureStorageName)
  • Azure Storage Access Key ($azureStorageKey)
  • Azure Blob Container Name ($azureBlobName)
  • Amazon S3 Bucket Name ($bucket)
  • Amazon S3 Access Key ($keyname)
  • Amazon S3 Secret Key ($secret)

Then simply run (using the terminal):

php blob.php

I suggest that you start a 'screen' before running the command above, because if you loose your connection, the execution will continue.

This script is provided as is.