SilverStripe Feature Banners, with decorators for Image, Description, Primary & Secondary Links and Publish & Expiry dates

dev-master 2015-12-20 15:56 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-06-13 00:55:38 UTC


Adds the ability to manage Banner's for DataObject's (mainly SiteTree DataObject's).


Object::add_extension( 'Page', 'FeatureBannerDecorator' );

You can add extra fields to the FeatureBanner using further Decorators, some are included here

  • FeatureBanner_Description_Decorator
    • Adds a Description Field (HTMLText)
  • FeatureBanner_Link_Decorator
    • Adds ability to link to a page on or off the site
  • FeatureBanner_MoreInfo_Decorator
    • Adds ability to link to another page on or of the site
  • FeatureBanner_Expiry_Decorator
    • Adds ability to set Publish & Expiry DateTimes for the Banner
  • FeatureBanner_CssClass_Decorator
    • Adds ability to set a css class to the FeatureBanner
    • Useful classes would be Dark and Light but others such as Left and Right may also be useful


Grunt is used for building the CSS in this package from LESS, if you want to include the builtin CSS without including a separate CSS file then you can add css/less/feature-banners.less in your Gruntfile.js config