SilverStripe front end admin bar module

1.0.0-RC2 2014-05-16 23:28 UTC


This Silverstripe package will create an Admin Panel at the top of the screen by default, this will give you:

  • A link to the page in the CMS
  • The stage you are currently viewing (Live/Stage)
  • A link to the same page on the alternate stage (Stage/Live)
  • A link to the CMS HomePage
  • A link to the CMS Admin
  • Details about the Page currently being accessed

This panel is only viewable for users logged into the CMS with the following permissions


How to add to Page

Place the code below somewhere between the body tags, most likly at the end

//  template/Page.ss


There is an extra parameter ?show_debug=1 that you can pass in via URL, this will add $Debug to the panel


The Clipart used was adapted from the following sources