This library allows you to use Bitrix24 REST API. An authentication module is included in this library.

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A basic PHP library for the Bitrix24 REST API. An authentication module is included.

Bitrix24 Documentation

Russian documentation
English documentation


  • php: >=7.0.0
  • ext-json: *
  • ext-curl: *
  • ext-mysqli: *


use Bitrix24API\Bitrix24;

$Bitrix24 = new Bitrix24(
        'companyDomain' => 'example.bitrix24.com', //Bitrix24 company URL
        'scope' => 'crm,user,telephony', //Bitrix24 auth scopes. Available variants: https://training.bitrix24.com/rest_help/rest_sum/premissions_scope.php

        //Auth data
        'auth' => array(
            //Bitrix24 User auth data
            'login'    => 'user@bitrix24.com',
            'password' => '1234',

            //Bitrix24 App auth data
            'clientId' => 'local.55a6ca262e8482.12345678',
            'clientSecret' => 'eOk9XtOWbdTjUgQmBL1MYNpKl0Jwt11JLHYHIADX62f3c6PA29'

        //Database config
        'database' => array(
            'settingsTableName' => 'config',
            'settingsKeyName' => 'key',
            'settingsValueName' => 'value'
        '', //MySQL Host
        'user',	//MySQL Username
        '1234',	//MySQL Password
        'db', //MySQL Database
        3306 //MySQL Port
    ) //Database connection

//Gets deal with DEAL_ID = '1234'
$dealData = $Bitrix24->callMethod("crm.deal.get", array('id'=>'1234'));

What is settingsKeyName and settingsValueName values?

PHP Bitrix24 API Module uses standard key-value pair table to store data. Here is an example
If you have another names for key-value pairs (for example: option as key - config as value), you need to specify this names in config. Otherwise the library will not work.


  1. Install library in your project: composer require oihso/bitrix24-api-module
  2. Create new table (or use an existing one) to store settings. The table must be key-value type. Key and value must be TEXT fields
  3. Add the row "php_bitrix24_auth_time" = "0" to the table
  4. Add the row "php_bitrix24_auth_code" = "code" to the table

How to configure your Bitrix24

  1. Go to Applications -> Add application -> My account only -> Add and create app with Only API checkmark. Also you need to select all needed scopes
  2. Copy client_id and client_secret and paste it into Bitrix24 class config
  3. On the left-side menu go to Invite users and register new user. It will be your "service" account for REST API
  4. Create new group/department for your new "service" account
  5. Set up permissions for this group/department. You need to allow administrative rules for this account.
  6. Now, you can paste user's credentials into Bitrix24 class config


"PHP Bitrix24 API Module" is licensed under the Apache License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details