User Id Grant for Laravel Passport

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This package adds a user id grant for your OAuth2 server. It can be useful if have an API and want to provide the ability for your users to return access_token and refresh_token through user id.

As a result you will be able to exchange user id to access_token and refresh_token issued by your own OAuth2 server. You will receive this user id and return the user instance that corresponds to it on your own.


You can install this package via composer using this command:

composer require oelmenshawy/laravel-passport-user-id-grant

The package will automatically register itself.


Example of usage with axios:

axios.post('/oauth/token', {
    grant_type: 'user_id', // static 'user_id' value
    client_id: clientId, // client id
    client_secret: clientSecret, // client secret
    user_id: userId, // user id
  .then((response) => {
    const {
      access_token: accessToken,
      expires_in: expiresIn,
      refresh_token: refreshToken,
    } = response.data;

    // success logic
  .catch((error) => {
    const {
    } = error.response.data;

    // error logic

Example of usage with guzzle:


use GuzzleHttp\Client;
use Illuminate\Support\Arr;

$http = new Client;

$response = $http->post($domain . '/oauth/token', [
    RequestOptions::FORM_PARAMS => [
        'grant_type' => 'user_id', // static 'user_id' value
        'client_id' => $clientId, // client id
        'client_secret' => $clientSecret, // client secret
        'user_id' => $userId, // user id
    RequestOptions::HTTP_ERRORS => false,
$data = json_decode($response->getBody()->getContents(), true);

if ($response->getStatusCode() === Response::HTTP_OK) {
    $accessToken = Arr::get($data, 'access_token');
    $expiresIn = Arr::get($data, 'expires_in');
    $refreshToken = Arr::get($data, 'refresh_token');

    // success logic
} else {
    $message = Arr::get($data, 'message');
    $hint = Arr::get($data, 'hint');

    // error logic


You can run the tests with:

composer test


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