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Embed cards and articles inside Flarum post.

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0.1.4 2017-04-11 04:54 UTC

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BBCode Cards Extension

Add cards to your Flarum post.


composer require oe800/flarum-ext-bbcode-cards


For small card: (better viewed on mobile, uses 50% of post width)


For medium card (not sure why I made a medium size, uses 75% of post.)


For larger card (uses 100% of post)



Smaller Card: (better viewed on mobile, uses 50% of post width)

[CARD]teal,https://unsplash.it/500,Hardware,Gigabyte Brix hit by UEFI vulnerabilities,Published on 4th April 2017 by Gareth Halfacree,Security researchers have discovered serious flaws in the firmware of Gigabyte's Brix small form factor (SFF) systems that allow malicious code to be written into firmware and stored even if you replace the system's storage device.[/CARD]


Medium Card: (not sure why I made a medium size, uses 75% of post.)

[CARD2]brown,https://unsplash.it/600,Health,New Studies Showcase Key Health Benefits of Strawberries,Strawberries may help improve vascular health in at-risk adolescents,This is the first study to test the impact of freeze-dried strawberry powder (FDSP) on markers of vascular health in at-risk adolescents. Previous research in adults found a promising inverse relationship between FDSP consumption and the risk of cardiovascular disease.In a randomized, double-blind, crossover study, 25 overweight or obese males between ages 14-18 consumed 50 grams of FDSP or a calorically equivalent amount of control powder every day for a week. Before and after each test period, measures of vascular health were collected at baseline and one hour after FDSP intake.[/CARD2]


Larger Card: (uses 100% of post)

[CARD3]salmon,https://unsplash.it/800/500,https://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20170328/wicker-park/hot-shots-cafe-1242-n-milwaukee-ave-coffee-wifi-fruit-smoothies,technology,Coffee Shops Serve Laptop Users a New Blend,Cafes across the country reevaluating free Wi-Fi service,Barefoot Coffee Works rearranged its store to accommodate the growing number of people who want to "enjoy their cappuccino in a real ceramic cup." But more room for cappuccino guzzlers leaves less chairs for laptop wielders to spread out over four chairs and turn a cafe into a makeshift office for $5 a day. The Wall Street Journal says some coffee shops are struggling to support laptop users who camp out all day using their free Wi-Fi and electrical outlets and do not buy enough coffee and food to offset their costs.[/CARD3]



Make cards more responsive. Try to fit 2 or 3 cards in a row. Add more styles.