Yii component for interfacing with the Clickatell SMS HTTP API

v1.0 2014-04-25 12:37 UTC


A component for the Yii framework using the Clickatell HTTP API.

Able to send single SMS or start a batch session and send batch text messages. See the Clickatell HTTP API documentation for further details on what this entails.


1. Copy SendSmsComponent.php

Copy the main SendSmsComponent.php file into your appfolder/components directory.

2. Complete Configuration

In your Yii config file under the components section be sure to add the following details within components as a seperate settings array called smsSend:

            'class' => 'application.components.SendSmsComponent',
            'api_user'  => 'API username',
            'api_pass'  => 'API password',
            'api_from'  => 'FromName',
            'api_id'    => 0000000


Sending a single text

$sms = Yii::app()->smsSend;
$sms->postSms('070000000', "Some message", "SenderName");

Getting query coverage for a phone number

$sms = Yii::app()->smsSend;
    echo 'Can send';

Sending batch messages

To follow. It is possible to do if you can work with the source to figure it yourself until I can extract an example from our exiting system.

Further Information