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Humock - Human-friendly behat context

Humock (human mock) is a lightweight Behat context able to let you use convenient methods to leverage the power of Mink, an abstraction layer for functional testing.

With Humock you can combine Behat and Mink easily, so being able to do BDD during functional testing.

An example test will look like:

class FeatureContext extends Humock\Context
     * @Given /^I am on the homepage$/
    public function iAmOnTheHomepage()

     * @Given /^I click on "([^"]*)"$/
    public function iClickOn($link)


The recommended installation is done via composer:

git clone git@github.com:odino/Humock.git

wget http://getcomposer.org/composer.phar

php composer.phar install

Then you can start writing your tests extending the Tester:

class FeatureContext extends Humock\Context