Various utility classes & functions

v1.9.2 2020-01-09 03:51 UTC


This component provides a number of PHP helper classes for common tasks.


Install the latest version with command below:

$ composer require oasis/utils

Data Provider

Normally we use data provider to create a validatable container. Oasis\Mlib\Utils\ArrayDataProvider is probably the most used.

An example:


use Oasis\Mlib\Utils\ArrayDataProvider;
use Oasis\Mlib\Utils\DataProviderInterface;

$data = [
    "int-key" => 10,
    "string-key" => "name",
    "switch" => "true",
    "wrong-type" => "hello",

$dp = new ArrayDataProvider($data);

// $i = 10
$i = $dp->getMandatory('int-key', DataProviderInterface::INT_TYPE);
// throws Oasis\Mlib\Utils\Exceptions\MandatoryValueMissingException
$i = $dp->getMandatory('int-key2', DataProviderInterface::INT_TYPE);
// $i = 5
$i = $dp->getOptional('int-key2', DataProviderInterface::INT_TYPE, 5);

// $s = 'name';
$s = $dp->getMandatory('string-key', DataProviderInterface::STRING_TYPE);

// $onoff = true;
$onoff = $dp->getOptional('switch', DataProviderInterface::BOOL_TYPE, false);

// throws Oasis\Mlib\Utils\Exceptions\InvalidDataTypeException
$wrongType = $dp->getMandatory('wrong-type', DataProviderInterface::BOOL_TYPE);

Data Packer

When you have some objects that should be write to or read from a stream (file, network), Oasis\Mlib\Utils\DataPacker is just for you.

Below is an example using Data Packer:


use Oasis\Mlib\Utils\DataPacker;

$obj = new stdClass();

$tmpfile = tempnam(sys_get_temp_dir(), '');

$packer = new DataPacker();
$fh     = fopen($tmpfile, 'w');

$fh = fopen($tmpfile, 'r');
while ($obj = $packer->unpackFromStream()) {
    // we should have 3 $obj unpacked from stream

Caesar Cipher

Caesar Cipher is one of the earliest known and simplest ciphers. It is a type of substitution cipher in which each letter in the plaintext is 'shifted' a certain number of places down the alphabet.

oasis/utils provides easy cipher class for Caesar Cipher:

use Oasis\Mlib\Utils\CaesarCipher;

$cipher = new CaesarCipher();

// encrypt and decrypt integer
$enc = $cipher->encrypt(1234);
$dec = $cipher->decrypt($enc); // $dec = 1234

// encrypt and decrypt string
$enc = $cipher->encrypt("abcdefg");
$dec = $cipher->decrypt($enc); // $dec = "abcdefg"

// using stronger cipher
$cipher = new CaesarCipher(
    32, // bits to use in partition, default to 32, must be divisable by partition size
    8,  // partition size, even positive number, default to 8
    12  // strength, positive number, default to 5


RC4 is a very simple stream cipher. oasis/utils provides quick access to RC4 encryption. Below is an example:


use Oasis\Mlib\Utils\Rc4;

$encrypted = Rc4::rc4('random-key', 'abc');

// to decrypt, call the encrypt function with same key
$decrypted = Rc4::rc4('random-key', $encrypted); // $decrypted = 'abc'

String Utils

Oasis\Mlib\Utils\StringUtils class provides some simple string related functions:


use Oasis\Mlib\Utils\StringUtils;

$str = 'abcdefg';

var_dump(StringUtils::stringStartsWith($str, 'a')); // true
var_dump(StringUtils::stringStartsWith($str, 'b')); // false
var_dump(StringUtils::stringEndsWith($str, 'g')); // true
var_dump(StringUtils::stringEndsWith($str, 'f')); // false

var_dump(StringUtils::stringChopdown($str, 4)); // 'abcd'

Memory Usage Monitor

Sometimes, PHP script can run out of memory. It is especially important to monitor memory usage is a long-running script. oasis/utils provides some tools for memory usage monitor and management on-the-fly.



use Oasis\Mlib\Utils\CommonUtils;

// check the current memory usage and increase if needed

// if the script declares tick, this will monitor memory usage every time tick is triggered

Tick is a declare directive which PHP supports to monitor low-level code execution.