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dev-main 2024-03-18 10:40 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-13 14:48:45 UTC


This is the TYPO3 integration of the CMS Health Check RFC.

The extension registers a new reaction HealthCheckReaction, which allows administrators to generate various health check reports by selection the checks to execute and include in the corresponding report.

The extension already provides a couple of checks, which are autotagged and registered based on the implemented CmsHealth\Definition\CheckInterface.

A check can contain multiple results, which implemente the CmsHealth\Definition\CheckResultInterface and are bundled in the health check, implementing the CmsHealth\Definition\HealthCheckInterface.

To register a new check, it's sufficient to create a new class implementing the CmsHealth\Definition\CheckInterface.


Install the extension via composer composer req o-ba/health-checks.

Due to the underlying reactions API, the extension is only available for TYPO3 v12 upwards.


The extension is licensed under GPL v2+, same as the TYPO3 Core. For details see the LICENSE file in this repository.