Laravel package to translate api responses into ember-data readable formats.

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I have been working quite a bit with Ember recently and I wanted to create Ember Data formatted responses including sideloading. This proeject utilizes Fractal's JsonApiSerializer and tweaks it a bit to create json responses that are consumable by ember-data.

This is still a work in progress, so please use with caution


Install the composer package

composer require nuwave/ember-eloquent

Add the service provider to you app.php file


Publish the config file

php artisan vendor:publish

Create your model transformers (Fractal)

Fractal Transformer Guide

Edit the config file with your application namespace (optional: you can also add a suffix if your naming convension utilizes it)

// config/ember.php

return [
    | Transformer Namespace
    | Set the default namespace for your transformer
    'namespace' => 'MyApp\Transformers',

    | Transformer Suffix
    | Set the suffix for your transformer naming convention.
    | Default value is null
    'suffix' => null

Add EmberTrait to your controllers (or your base Controller). This will allow you to utilize the emberResponse method which takes your Model/Collection along with the model name and transforms it into an ember-data formatted response.

class UserController extends Controller {

  use EmberTrait;

  public function index()
    $users = User::all();
    // or
    $users = User::paginate(20); // meta data will be included in response
    return $this->emberResponse($users, 'User');
  // ...
  public function show($id)
    $user = User::find($id);
    return $this->emberResponse($user, 'User');