Session based flash message class. Written for Anax-MVC part of the dbwebb course.

v1.0.0 2014-05-14 17:12 UTC


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A PHP Flash Message Class

Installation Instructions for Anax-MVC

Register it as an Anax Service like this in your config/frontcontroller or whatever method you prefer.

$di = new \Anax\DI\CDIFactoryDefault();

// Other Services

$di->setShared('mzflash', function() {
	$mzflash = new \nuvalis\Flash\Message();
	return $mzflash;

// Other Services, Controllers etc.

$app = new \Anax\Kernel\CAnax($di);

$app->session //Start Session for mzFlash to work.

You should now be able to use these functions like this.

// In the Frontcontroller you can do it like this.

$app->mzflash->error("Your Message");
$app->mzflash->success("Your Message");
$app->mzflash->warning("Your Message");
$app->mzflash->message("Your Message");

// If you are in a Controller or Model (Notice the diffrence $app/$this)

$this->mzflash->error("Your Message");
$this->mzflash->success("Your Message");
$this->mzflash->warning("Your Message");
$this->mzflash->message("Your Message");

//To print it out you can use it like this in your Anax-MVC/theme/mytheme/index.tpl.php

<?= $this->mzflash->show(); ?>

// The Output will look something like this

<section class="flash-messages">
	<div class="inner">
		<div class="flash error">Your Message</div>
		<div class="flash success">Your Message</div>
		<div class="flash warning">Your Message</div>
		<div class="flash message">Your Message</div>


[14 May, 2014] Changed variable from flash to mzflash to avoid collision with Anax-MVC's new flash class/service. You can name this service to anything you want.