A collection of PHP classes to communicate with Zimbra ZCS servers

v0.2.3 2013-01-18 10:18 UTC



# Make sure you include the autoloader so all dependencies can be loaded (see
include_once './vendor/autoload.php';
# Create a soapclient with the correct params of your ZCS server
$soapClient = new \Zimbra\ZCS\SoapClient("host", "port", "username", "password");

# Construct an admin with the soapClient
$admin = new \Zimbra\ZCS\Admin\Account($soapClient);

Exceptions and Errorcodes

These are the built in Exceptions and their error codes this library throws when something goes wrong.


A generic exception that indicates something went wrong in the Zimbra library, specifics on the error are contained in the exception message, most of the times this is a 1-on-1 copy of the error the SoapClient received as Fault message/code from the Zimbra Soap API.

This exception is only ever thrown with the error code 1000


This exception is thrown when the library tries to construct an Entity but fails to do so because of failed validation. What exactly is wrong can be retrieved by calling $exception->getErrors() which returns an associative array of all failed validation rules.

This exception is only ever thrown with the error code 1100


This exception is thrown when an entity is requested but cannot be found on the ZCS server. There are several possible error codes, each code translates to what exactly is missing.

  • 1201 domain cannot be found
  • 1202 account cannot be found
  • 1203 alias cannot be found
  • 1204 cos cannot be found