Generates a Webpack Config File for Symfony 4/5 Projects via PHP

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Generates a Webpack Config File for Symfony 4/5 Projects via PHP

This Plugin helps you, to append your WebPack Config with .addEntry Command - for your Bundles. You need to implement the WebPackConfigInterface in your Bundle to provide the EntryName and EntryPath.

This will bee attached to your webpack.config.js File. So each Bundle is able to provide its Frontend JS and Asset Part.

Basic Installation on Main Projects

Run composer require nubox/symfony-webpack-php-generator on your Console.

Without symfony/flex, you will need to add the Symfony WebPack PHP Generator into your config/bundles.php, then run bin/console nubox:webpack:config:apply on your console. Done!

Config Example in a Bundle or Main System

Thanks to the Symfony CompilerPass Systems, you only need to implement a WebPackConfigInterface. Please make sure, you add this file in a folder which is loaded by the services.yaml. (i.e. Configuration)

# config/services.yaml

        autowire: true
        autoconfigure: true
        public: false

        resource: '../src/{Command,Configuration,Controller,EventSubscriber,Provider,Repository,Services}'

Also some Rules are need to fullfill:

1. The Entry Path need to be a Javascript (.js) file
2. The Entry Path should be valid (checked with file_exists())

namespace App\Configuration;

use NuBox\WebPack\Generator\Interfaces\WebPackConfigInterface;

class WebPackConfig implements WebPackConfigInterface
    private const ENTRY_NAME = 'demo';
    private const ENTRY_PATH = '..../demo.js';

    public function getEntryName(): string
        return WebPackConfig::ENTRY_NAME;

    public function getEntryPath(): string
        return WebPackConfig::ENTRY_PATH;
    public function isActive() : bool
        return true;