Allows developers to add usage hints for templates to consider when rendering the field

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v1.0.0-rc1 2023-06-26 04:00 UTC

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Last update: 2024-03-26 05:55:18 UTC


This module allows developers to add usage hints to form fields. Hints are just arbitrary string values.

The hints can be used by themes and templates in a project to render the field in a specific way, to be interpreted by whatever frontend UI-kit is in use for your site.

This avoids polluting module PHP code with theme-specific CSS classes.

Instead of this $field->addExtraClass('btn btn-danger'), do this $field->setHint('danger').

Default fields

Out-of-the-box the following fields are configured to support the Hintable extension:

  • FormAction - for action priorities
  • CompositeField - to assist in rendering child fields in a certain way
  • HTMLReadonlyField - to display the value and title in a specific way

No changes are made to the field itself, the extension just exposes some methods on the field to use in module code.


Important: In your theme or project, you need to provide a template that is used by the class using the Hintable extension. Read: template inheritance.


Set field hints on your forms:

use SilverStripe\Forms\FormAction;


 * Add a hint that the action is a 'secondary' button/input
    _t('some.i18n_key', 'Complete secondary action')

 * Add a hint, and also add any class mapped to the secondary hint in config
 * (See Sample project configuration, below)
    _t('some.i18n_key', 'Complete secondary action')
)->setHint('secondary', true);

The value of setHint is a string, it can be any value that a template can interpret.

The second parameter is whether a class should be added as an extraClass on the field based on the hint provided. Configuration provides mapping between hints and class(es).

In your FormAction template, you might add this:

<div class="form-action"<% if $FormFieldHint == 'secondary' %> custom-secondary<% end_if %>


Use the value of $FormFieldHint to modify how your theme/project templates render the field.

Here's an example using HTMLReadonlyField:

<%-- path: themes/my-theme/templates/SilverStripe/Forms/HTMLReadonlyField_holder.ss --%>
<% if $FormFieldHint == 'callout' %>
    <%-- render as callout --%>
    <div class="my-callout">
        <% if $FormFieldHintIcon %>
            <span class="icon">{$FormFieldHintIcon}</span>
        <% end_if %>
        <div class="content">
            <% if $Title %>
            <% end_if %>
<% else_if $FormFieldHint == 'alert' %>
    <%-- render an alert message --%>
<% else %>
    <%-- Important: allow for default rendering if no hint supplied --%>
<% end_if %>


Set a field hint icon on a supporting field:

    _t('some.i18n_key', 'Complete secondary action')
)->setHint('secondary', true)->setFieldHintIcon('delete')
<%-- theme template: SilverStripe/Forms/FormAction.ss --%>
<% if $UseButtonTag %>
    <button $AttributesHTML>
        <% if $FormFieldHintIcon %>
        <span class="material-icons-outlined">{$FormFieldHintIcon}</span>
        <% end_if %>
        <% if $ButtonContent %>$ButtonContent<% else %><span>$Title.XML</span><% end_if %>
<% else %>
	<input $AttributesHTML />
<% end_if %>


There is none, unless:

  • you want to add the Hintable extension to another field.
  • you need to add hint->class mapping

Sample project configuration

Name: 'app-field-hint'
  - '#nswdpc-field-hint'
# you require TextField to be hintable
    - 'NSWPDC\Forms\Hintable'
# add hint/class mapping
    'secondary': 'nsw-button--secondary'

Note that classes are added as extra classes, which by default in Silverstripe are added to both the field holder and the field input element. Your templates should take that into account.


The only supported way of installing this module is via composer

composer require nswdpc/silverstripe-field-hint

You may need to add a repositories entry to you composer.json, depending on packagist status.




See _config/config.yml



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Development and contribution

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