Extensible search for Elemental.

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v0.2.0 2022-12-07 23:17 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-08 02:45:50 UTC


Simple search element using an Extensible Search page has a source of search configuration.

The search query is handled by the linked extensible search page.


  • Add a search element to a page via standard elemental content blocks editing process
  • Add a sub-title
  • Link to an existing extensible search page
  • Choose an image to decorate your search form somehow (or not)
  • Add zero or more Link records to the element, to list popular pages on your site
  • Provides an option to show common search terms. Your template should implement this functionality.


See composer


composer require nswdpc/silverstripe-elemental-extensible-search





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