Add permissions to allow non-admins to edit DataObjects

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v1.0.0-rc1 2023-06-21 04:42 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-03-28 07:32:40 UTC


Adds handy permissions to allow certain groups and roles to access dataobject records, based on configuration.

This allows, for instance, content administrators access to create/edit and delete records not managed by the core CMS module permissions


Edit / Create

Permission: Edit content data objects

Edit and create are bundled into one permission, if you can create you can edit.


Permission: Delete content data objects

This specific permission is provided allowing members to delete dataobject records


Permission: View content data objects

Anonymous users can view a dataobject, this allows permission checks to pass in your project controllers for published URLs and preview links.

When adding access to administration areas that list the relevant dataobjects, ensure you check this permission as well.

Overriding permissions

This extension is suitable for content-related dataobjects where adding access does not have implications for the privacy of any data.

If you have data records that require specific permissions, specify these within those DataObjects rather than using this extension.


See composer.json


composer require nswdpc/silverstripe-dataobject-editable


Extend your DataObject to add the Edit/Create/View permissions as part of your project yaml configuration

Name: 'app-content-permissions'
    - 'NSWDPC\DataObjectEditable\Extensions\DataObjectExtension'

After building and flushing, you will see Edit/View/Create content dataobjects permission in the Permissions tab of the Security section.

Checking one or more of these will provide that permission to the configured dataobject(s)





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