A Laravel Nova package to manage pages.

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This package allows you to manage pages with custom templates.


  • PHP >= 8.1
  • Laravel Nova >= 4.0


composer require novius/laravel-nova-page-manager

NOTE: These instructions are for Laravel Nova >= 4.0. If you are using prior version, please see the previous version's docs.

Validator translation

Please add this line to resource/lang/{locale}/validation.php (on first level) :

// EN version : resource/lang/en/validation.php
'unique_page' => 'The field :attribute must be unique in this language.',

// FR version : resource/lang/fr/validation.php
'unique_page' => 'Le champ :attribute doit être unique dans cette langue.',

Front Stuff

If you want a pre-generated front controller and route, you can run following command :

php artisan page-manager:publish-front

This command appends a route to routes/web.php and creates a new App\Http\Controllers\FrontPageController.


Some options that you can override are available.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Novius\LaravelNovaPageManager\LaravelNovaPageManagerServiceProvider" --tag="config"


You can add / remove any locale from config files.

Example if you want 2 languages (FR and EN):

// ...

'locales' => [
    'en' => 'English',
    'fr' => 'French',

// ...


To add a template, just add your custom class to templates array in configuration file.

Your class must extend Novius\LaravelNovaPageManager\Templates\AbstractPageTemplate.

Example :

In config/laravel-nova-page-manager.php

// ...

'templates' => [

In app/Nova/Templates/StandardTemplate.php


namespace App\Nova\Templates;

use Laravel\Nova\Fields\Trix;
use Novius\LaravelNovaPageManager\Templates\AbstractPageTemplate;

class StandardTemplate extends AbstractPageTemplate
    public function templateName(): string
        return trans('laravel-nova-page-manager::template.standard_template');

    public function templateUniqueKey(): string
        return 'standard';

    public function fields(): array
        return [
            Trix::make(trans('laravel-nova-page-manager::template.field_content'), 'content'),


Run php-cs with:

composer run-script lint


Contributions are welcome!

Leave an issue on Github, or create a Pull Request.


This package is under GNU Affero General Public License v3 or (at your option) any later version.