Novactive eZ Maintenance bundle is an Ibexa bundle that helps you to easily enable a Maintenance page.

v2.0.1 2024-01-17 10:15 UTC


This repository is what we call a "subtree split": a read-only copy of one directory of the main repository. It is used by Composer to allow developers to depend on specific bundles.

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Easily enable a Maintenance page.


Step 1: Download using composer

Add the lib to your composer.json, run composer require novactive/ezmaintenancebundle to refresh dependencies.

Step 2: Enable the bundle

Then inject the bundle in the bundles.php of your application.

     Novactive\NovaeZMaintenanceBundle\NovaeZMaintenanceBundle::class => [ 'all'=> true ],

Step 3: Add the default routes

Activate the sroutes:

    resource: '@NovaeZMaintenanceBundle/Resources/config/routing/main.yaml'

Step 4: Clear the cache and check

php app|ezpublish/console cache:clear --env=dev

Step 5: check X-Maintenance response header to VCL

Maintenance page will return 503 status code and VCL will abandon it, So update your vcl to force displaying response with 503 and X-Maintenance header

if (bereq.http.accept ~ "application/vnd.fos.user-context-hash"
        && beresp.status >= 500 && !beresp.http.X-Maintenance
    ) {
        return (abandon);


            enable: false # to enable to capability
            template: '@ibexadesign/maintenance.html.twig' # the template you want as a maintenace page
            lock_file_id: 'plop.lock' # the name of the lock file in the cluster