Laravel SEO

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Laravel SEO package.


  • PHP 7.2+
  • Laravel 5.6+


Install the package by running this command in your terminal/cmd:

composer require noud/laravel-seo-schema-org

Usage in models

Now you can extend your models from


namespace App\Models;

use SEO\SchemaOrg\Models\BlogPosting as SchemaOrgBlogPosting;

class BlogPosting extends SchemaOrgBlogPosting
{} Types

Entity-Relationship Diagram Entity-Relationship Diagram


Put this package directory beside your project directory.

In conmposer.json of the target project add

    "require": {
        "noud/laravel-seo-schema-org": "*"
    "repositories": [
            "type": "path",
            "url": "../laravel-seo-schema-org"

In .env of the target project i set the database to an alternative database


Development migration

I migrate just this schema like so in the target project:

php artisan migrate --realpath --path=/var/www/laravel-seo-schema-org/src/database/migrations

Development models generation

In the target project set the path and namespace in config/models.php

        'path' => app_path('Models-schema-org'),
        'namespace' => 'SEO\SchemaOrg\Models',

I generate the models from this schema like so in the target project:

php artisan code:models --schema=schema-org

Then copy everything from app/Models-schema-org to the package.